Celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!

April 27, 2007


Though my dearest wife and I were very busy on this day – April 27,2007 and we have so much things to accomplish (registering Elisha’s bday to Jollibee Ever-Ortigas Mall, visiting my wife’s ex-office, Datascope and, pick up our newly repaired Digicam at Makati) we still had time to celebrate our 2nd year Anniversary by dining out to a fine restaurant with our daughter, Elisha Julia. Also, we treat our immediate family with sopas and special cake! So far, so good.. well, in 2 years time we are so bless!.. with 2 babies in each year..! 🙂


Switching to Jollibee on Elisha’s Bday

April 27, 2007


There’s been a change of plans in celebrating Elisha’s Birthday on Sunday, May 6,2007. Her 1st Big day will be held at EVER-Ortigas Extension starting at 4:00pm till 6:00 in the evening. This is confirmed and inset is a copy of Jolly invitation card for the event.

Two of my Philonline IT articles

April 17, 2007

As to give way on my contributed articles to PhilOnline’s bi-monthly newsletter, an ISP company where I used to work as a Technical Support Engineer for almost 2 years. The first article is about Webopedia which was posted in February 2006. The next article, Kamasutra Virus can be found at archive of April, 2006. You may visit the link below to read the full articles.

onestepfurther.gif onestepfurtherks.jpg

For webopedia article, click here

For Kamasutra Virus, click here

Huge Tarpaulin on Elisha’s Birthday

April 16, 2007


To complete the Dora’s theme on Elisha’s special day, I vividly designed this huge 6ft x 3ft tarpaulin which is schedule for printing this week. Together with the baloons and other party accessories like party caps, pabitin & giveaways – all comes with Dora’s theme. Plus her mom will be busy on what to cook for the event. We are very excited for this occasion!

Elisha’s Bday invitation card revealed!

April 15, 2007

As to prepare the celebration of my daughter’s 1st Birthday, I personally designed her birthday card with “Dora” as the official theme on the event of her special day. The card will be distributed soon to her ninongs and ninangs, relatives and, family friends. If you want to come? Join us! we will be needing a clown for the party and bring your own ‘baon’… 🙂 (joke!).

Urine, vinegar, and scotch tape. Anyone this summer?

April 13, 2007

Going to the beach this summer? Watch out for the jellyfish and sea urchins that may ruin your day. Many travelers may prefer swimming in beaches to relieve themselves from stress. But the warm weather also encourages marine creatures such as jellyfish to come to the surface of the water.

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