Points to Ponder: Getting The Life You Want


If You are the architect of your life. And what do architects use to create? Plans and blueprints. So what you need is a blueprint – an easily established plan of action you can refer to that will help you get what you need and want in life. So what is your plan? What do you really want? And what steps will you take to achieve them?


First of all, you will need a pencil or pen and a blank sheet of paper. Fold the paper long-wise so you have three equal columns. In each column, write something you want in life.

Under each object you want, write five steps you will take to accomplish getting your desires. This may include doing some phoning and research. Leave space at the bottom of your paper for phone numbers and other important notes.

Now, you have your blueprint with three things you want and five steps under each that you will take to get each desire. This is just the starting point. Your wishes are laid out before you as well as the steps you’ll take to get them to come true. Now you must act and put the list of goals into motion.

Keep the list with you and concentrate on it every day. Visualize yourself already having these goals. Devote time to working your list, accomplishing your wants and needs and they will happen for you. But you must participate in the effort to get them and not just wait around for them to happen. Keep a smaller version of your list with you at all times and refer to it often. Index cards or a small notebook you can easily carry with you in a pocket or purse work well.

At some point, you may want to revisit your list, changing tactics, adding information or even eliminating steps that may have proved fruitless. Feel free to do that. You’re looking for the best possible avenues to take to get to your goals and many times change is for the best.

So, beyond phoning and working with your goal list every day, what else can you do? Whatever it takes. That’s focus. Keep your goals and desires in the forefront of your mind and do whatever it takes to make them become realities.

Don’t wait for life to happen. Get out there and be what happens to life! A blueprint for successful living, goals and achievements.

Source: Brainshare Online


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