About Me

I’m an IT professional who took B.S.B.A. majoring in Computer Science from Central Colleges of the Philippines. Several short courses follows about Computer Assembly & Disassembly, Networking, Web Designing and Graphics.

My work experiences refine my skills and inclination as a solid foundation of what I am now. From Data Encoder to IT Staff, Technical Support Engineer to IT Specialist and recently, as an IT Administrator. I work with passion when it comes to this field and enjoy of what I’m doing through its multitasking work.

It is difficult to maintain any IT combination of skills in this career like being a hardware and software specialist at the same time. As this career really needs to define its specialization, you need to focus on what you really enjoy most! To some extent, I never know any IT Pro who is a Network Administrator and a Web Developer at the same time.

My philosophy in this field of study is simple;

“A real IT Pro is a person who would never left behind in this fast phase technology and exactly knows how to abreast and define its existence”

I myself is still a continuous learner, a student of any new release software/program. One of my secret is being a consistent attendee of msevent courtesy of Microsoft, and as a member of Internet Society-International.

I like web surfing, reading, singing, traveling and watching movie premiere. I am simply ambitious, workaholic, an schedule organizer, a hobbyist writer, and a person who has a sense of humor.

You may email me at jessie_ay_ad@yahoo.com for your thoughts and ideas.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. sandra says:

    Hello! Ang nyo po and ang cute ng baby nyo. Anyway kuya pwede po ba magpaturo kung paano gumawa ng slideshow kc gusto ako ang gagawa ng slideshow ng baby ko kya lng di naman ako marunong. sana ok lng.. God bless u and ur family as well..

  2. Pete says:

    good job jess… proud of u….

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