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It could be based on figures, survey or just simply my personal choices from 10 to #1 spot! Hope you enjoy it…



Hello guys, As a hardcore horror movie fan since grade school, these are my personal choices of the most gory and bloody films in the history of film making. Well, I hope half of my hand-picked are at least on your list too… enjoy or be scared?


10. Slither

– Afraid of leeches wiggling on your body? This is a non-sassies movie that will really freak you from beginning to end. Great in gory effects and stunning visual. The scene which I like best in this movie is the bloated lady who is forever hungry, oh… where’s the baby?


9. The Howling

– Could be the best werewolf-horror movie I’d ever seen. The special effects and settings are clasic as it was shoot way back in the 80’s. Its like MJ “Thriller” video paying homage to this blood thristy movie.


8. Hills Have Eyes

– They crave for the flesh, kill you by surprise and fest on your meat. carnivorous at its best, hideous in the desert and whoever the victims will be, they shows no pity.


7. Venom

– This Voodoo horror movie remind us all how strength its mystical power can be. A movie which can make you scary and hide with loads of great effects and visual.


6. Jeepers Creepers

– This ferocious carnivour starves every 23rd of September, and when he awaken human flesh is his favorite meat. Pity on all those victims, he knows what exactly what he wants.


5. Fright Night

– A must see vampire movie! Or perhaps you can at least have it on your shelve among its genre. You don’t need to be ‘Mr.Blade’ to kill a vampire, go to basic, learn from this movie.


4. The Exorcist

– Its polyponic tune is still hot favorite during the month long of November every year. No wonder why this horror classic film stays at any spookey top list around the planet. Even Asian horror films cannot beat this flick. Wanna be scared? Watch this movie alone… suspense is all over your place!


3. Nightmare On Elm Street

– Horror icon. Freddy, in the person of Robert Englund, became so popular with his burned-out face and razor-blade gloves that he returned in a whole string of sequels. I love all the series of this film which reminds us all, “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!”


2. House of Blood

– Its plot is so remote but is was released in 2005. And for the first time in my life, this is the only horror movie which makes sense, great in scriptwriting, visual and gory effects. This is not a typical horror movie with full of screaming
and slashing. It’s worth watching!


1. Evil Dead

– One of the most brutal horror movie i’d ever seen, well in terms of killing the zombie, theres slashing and axe, squirting of blood all over the shack. The story line and plot is so simple and it ‘just’ happened throughout the whole night.


Top 10 Ways to Keep your PC Safe

In this article, you will find 10 basic tips to help you keep you computer up-to-date, free from viruses and spyware, and secure from unauthorized access.

10. Stay Informed.

Education and awareness are out of the best line of defense in the battle againts cyber security threats and fraud. Be sure to drop by Microsoft Philippines Security website at


9. Be suspicious of scams.

Scams are a popular way of getting you personal information. The most common scams are fake login pages and forged email. If any email asks for your username and password, do not responsd or reply to these email messages.

8. Be suspicious of Bogus Email

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can register for an ISP account, and internet email protocols allow anyone to send a message that appears to be from any other person. Don’t assume an email from “Tito Boy” or “Manang Gloria” was
actually sent from someone you know. If an email has a very small attachment and the message of the email is practically empty. Just delete it. If the attachment is a ZIP file but it looks too small to contain a photo or document, Just delete it. Despite who it seems to come from, chances are it is probably a virus.

7. Keep your password safe

Your password is as important as your ATM PIN, or you front door key. You need to guard it well, and make sure nobody else gets hold of it. As much as possible, memorize your password and do not write it down. Some people not only write their passwords down, they put it in prominent places like on a small sheet taped on computer monitor. By doing so, you defeat the purpose of having a password. It is also smart to change your password regularly.

6. Create a strong password.

The purpose of having a logon process is to establish who you are. Once the operating system or website knows who you are, it can grant or deny requests for services. If a bad guy learns you username and password, he can log as
you. In fact, as far as the operating system is concern, he is you.

A strong password is where you create a more complex password using other symbols on the keyboard and use other words which would be harder to guess. Remember that lowercase is different from uppers case letters. For example… for “password” it could be “P@s$w0rD.

5. Upgrade to Windows XP Service Pack 2

If you are using Windows XP, we highly recommend that you upgrade to Service Pack 2. It contains a collection of new technologies designed to help keep you
PC and you personal information more secure. These new technologies include the Windows Security Center, Windows Firewall, Internet Explorer, Pop up blocker and more.

4. Use an Anti-spyware application.

Anti-spyware software helps protect your computer from spyware and other potentially unwanted software by detecting and removing known spyware programs. It can be scheduled to scan you computer at times that are convenient for you. A variety of tools that detect and remove unwanted
software from your computer are available at no charge. For Free anti-spyware, this is available from

3. Use Anti-virus software.

This can be detect many, but not all forms of malicious software before they have a chance to affect you computer. Anti-virus software is a program that either comes installed on your PC or that you purchase and install yourself. It
helps protect you computer againts most viruses, worms, Trojan, and other unwanted invaders that can be make your computer “sick”. It often perfrom malicious acts, such as deleting files, accessing personal data, or using you computer to attack other computers.

2. Use a Firewall.

If you are running WinXP with Service Pack 2, you can take advantage of Windows Firewall which is a protective boundary that monitors and restricts information that travels between your computer and a network of the internet.
This provides a line of defense againts someone who might try to access your computer from outside the Windows Firewall without your permission.

1. Keep your software up to date.

The first line of depense in keeping you computer as secure as possible is through regular software updates and routine system maintenance to help avoid data loss, new viruses, and other potential risks. The top two software
applications you need to keep updated are your operating system (ex.WinXP) and your anti-virus solution.

For the new Microsoft update, please visit.


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