Picture Gallery

A compilation of the latest photoshot which compases a moment of time into its finest. Simply a gathering of best shot within a spectrum of life, the latest happening and event on my personal life and family into unforgettable memorabilla.


Elisha Julia, my elder daughter posing on the floor


Playing at home with lotsa toys.. my bunso, Eloisa Jasmine


Featured at ‘Funny Pic of the Month’ taken last month, January 2008l


Cute Baby Eloisa at 7 months


Candid smile of Eloisa sitting at her ‘Kuna’


7 months Eloisa standing at her walker


Our cute little Angel, Elisha Julia at 7-month old


Hello little spidey girl!


Reception at Max Restaurant during Christening Day of Elisha


Baptisimal Day of Elisha, Rosario Church in Pasig with Mom


Newly born, Elisha Julia at Angono Medics Hospital

One Response to Picture Gallery

  1. Pete says:

    u make a good & proud daddy… happy for you

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